Saturday at Critical Northwest

The response was amazing! Thank you, very much, Critical Northwest for the warm welcome and cold beer.

I’ve been totally absorbed with the production of the Simon project, and I’ve really neglected promotion and fundraising activities to support the project. If you enjoyed the piece, and would like to support this effort, consider donating to the cause:

I’m pretty happy with the tuning I did over Thursday and Friday. Those of you who were there may have seen me hunkered down over the laptop, between visits to the (glorious) coffee stand. Anyway, things seemed to flow better on the project’s interactivity and timing. We found that having the panel motion sensors generate tones was a little confusing, so we adjusted the octave down and turned them into two short beeps.

Trevor and Gorski were there to spell me Friday and Saturday night, respectively, which gave me a little time off to see the event. Still, I can’t say I had an opportunity to see everything that was going on.

Finally, my sincere thanks to INW for providing support in the form of a grant and an opportunity to show the work at Critical Northwest. The support and kind words at the event were appreciated.

I did grab a (poor quality) video on my phone.  Please let me know if you’ve captured some better footage, and I’d be happy to link it here.