Whoa, nice sails!

Man, these are some seriously sexy sails. At 15 feet in length, these are the most ambitious sculpture pieces we’ve attempted. Kyle did a great job designing these: they fold, like origami, providing their own rigidity. Awesome!

The four towers that feature these sails surround you as you play, and light up in time with Simon’s console. At the pinnacle of each tower, you’ll find our favorite part: the pilot flame and plumbing that let us to shoot enormous fireballs. Surprise, Player 1!

The sails are such an exciting addition to the towers, but they take time, effort, and money to produce, and we could use some help with the latter. Bottom-line: materials and time on a state-of-the-art laser cutting machine that’s up to this (demanding) task: $2,400. We’ve got 3 days left in our IndieGoGo campaign, and some great perks available. If you’re as excited as we are about this addition to the project, we’d love to see your support.


Simon Fire Edition 2.0 Playa Location!

We know where Simon Fire Edition v2 is placed! 8:30 and 2200 ft from the man. As far as I can tell, that’s just off the Esplanade into the inner playa. Great location!
Simon FE 2 - location


Hey, if you like the cut of our jib, get your name on the project! We added an IndieGoGo perk that’ll have your name/message scrolling across the leaderboard on the project.

Two really great shots from Lauren DeSteno. Camp Moonrock, Burning Man 2013. Thursday night, I think, just ahead of our What When Where Simon-themed cocktail event.





Wow. That’s a big box. We’ve got everything but propane in this thing. Bonus: it transforms into a bar in the desert.

Charcade @ Burning Man23

Hey!  If you like fire-belching games like “Simon: Fire Edition”, then consider what an entire arcade of games would be like.  Enter, “Charcade“, a 2013 Honorarium award winner.  They need some help meeting their funding goal at Kickstarter.  Check it out.

Saturday at Critical Northwest

The response was amazing! Thank you, very much, Critical Northwest for the warm welcome and cold beer.

I’ve been totally absorbed with the production of the Simon project, and I’ve really neglected promotion and fundraising activities to support the project. If you enjoyed the piece, and would like to support this effort, consider donating to the cause:

I’m pretty happy with the tuning I did over Thursday and Friday. Those of you who were there may have seen me hunkered down over the laptop, between visits to the (glorious) coffee stand. Anyway, things seemed to flow better on the project’s interactivity and timing. We found that having the panel motion sensors generate tones was a little confusing, so we adjusted the octave down and turned them into two short beeps.

Trevor and Gorski were there to spell me Friday and Saturday night, respectively, which gave me a little time off to see the event. Still, I can’t say I had an opportunity to see everything that was going on.

Finally, my sincere thanks to INW for providing support in the form of a grant and an opportunity to show the work at Critical Northwest. The support and kind words at the event were appreciated.

I did grab a (poor quality) video on my phone.  Please let me know if you’ve captured some better footage, and I’d be happy to link it here.