Art Sculpture

Safety and Engineering:

Design and implementation will meet or exceed NFPA 160 (2011) standard and BM Flame Effect Guidelines. Simon v2 Flame Effect Lead has attended Dave X and Propaniac’s “Flame Effects for the Artist” weekend workshop.  Two previous flame effect projects have been approved by four WA State AHJs.

A full Design Plan and Flame Effect Plan will be developed for Simon v2, and available on-site for AHJ/FAST inspection. Briefly,

  • Location: A 25’ zone around the sculpture will be free of any flammable materials. The sculpture will be shut down at wind speeds exceeding 20 mph. The sculpture will be secured against tipping by driven spikes secured to the steel frame. ABC Dry Chemical extinguishers will be placed at the depot and the sculpture.
  • Operator: Operators will be trained on startup, operation, shutdown, and emergency shutdown procedures. Emergency shutdown procedure placards will be posted at the supply depot. The Effect Operator will be in sole possession of arm and enable keys.
  • Audience: Flame effect heads will be at least 15’ above ground level. Flame effects will not exceed skin temperature limits in A.7.1.2 within the sculpture perimeter.

Interactive Console:

Recycled 55 gallon drum

Metal base crafted from ⅛” thick, 1” angle iron

¼” clear acrylic for the console top

Each button comprises 3 pieces of laminated ¼” acrylic with laser etching for depth effect


4 small speakers

ROHS certified electronics

Simon V1 computer components reused in one tower.


⅛” thick x 1” steel for welded base frame

⅛” thick x 5” steel for bottom of base

⅛” sheet metal for support legs

27 sqft of ¼” HDPE semi-opaque plastic for each base (x4)

50’ of RGB LEDs for each base (x4)

RGB LED spot for each origami panel (x4)

16 guage sheet metal for rigid foldable panels

Kevlar cloth for foldable panel hinges

4, 40lb propane bottles for accumulators

1 speaker for each tower (x4)

Propane Heater and trough


power cables, propane lines


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