About the Artists

Mike Dodds, Kyle Miller, Allen Hudson, Richie Meyer, Andrea Pollitt, and Shane Iler have contributed to Critical Massive/Northwest and Burning Man art projects since 2010. They have contributed to placed Burning Man art projects (2010: Arborealis; 2011: Lake Lahontan Point; 2012: Nozomi; all partially funded by Ignition Northwest).

Mike’s areas of expertise include custom control systems and light effects. Mike’s microcontroller lighting solutions have been used in external Burning Man Projects (2011: Walkabout Woods) and individual lighting projects, and are available through Seattle Lumin. In 2012, Mike participated in the Flame Effects for the Artist workshop, led by Dave X (longtime BM Fire Safety Manager) and Propaniac (Chief Inspector for the State of Nevada Board for the Regulation of LP Gas). This has led to his interest in combining his proven skill set in art project control systems/lighting with flame effects. If anything works on the Simon project, it’s Mike’s fault.

Mike and Jacket - small





Kyle’s areas of expertise include CAD, fabrication, and graphic design. If anything looks nice on the Simon project, it’s Kyle’s fault.


Also, a big thank you to our vast volunteer support: Angelina Allen, Dana Sprinkel, Aaron St. John, Brice Reinhardt, Marissa Betz-Zall, Patricia Buchanan, Patty St. John, Hillary St. John, Peter St. John, and  Chris Galvin who helped make this project happen in too many ways to mention here.

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