Fire it up!

We ran a quick test last night with the light panels running.  Again, we were worried that the bright flame would bleach the color from the panels, but they still look great.  This was run at 10% of the maximum pressure rating.  It was late in the evening, and I didn’t want to wake the neighbors!


Lights on thr panels look great. I was a little worried that they’d be too dim, but even with the pilot up reasonably high, they’re quite visible.


Hardware (nearly) complete

Fantastic!  I had a lot of help from Richie and Dana this weekend, and the sculpture definitely benefited!  You can seen the screening and (maybe) the LED strips just in front of those screens. We made a couple of test fires just at dusk, and everything checks out.


Software is coming along, but I’ll set up some simple animations this week to get a sense of firing times and sequencing.



Flame on!

  • simon_flame
  • flame_metalStand2
  • flame_metalStand
  • flame_metalShield

Simon is more fun with fire

Simon Fire Edition is inspired by the golden age of hand-held games. Milton Bradley debuted Simon in 1978 at Studio 54 in New York, and it remains a sweetheart of memory games and an enduring pop-culture reference to the 1980’s. We look to revive this great game in a playa-compliant fashion, offering the core gameplay intact but adding (external) flame, sound and light effects in the form of nearby sculpture. Game play will take place on an original (but deeply repurposed and reengineered) Simon hand-held console, which is synchronized with the sculpture piece (light, sound, flame). What the original game lacks, this project delivers: a win-condition with lighting, sound and flame effect display. Bluntly, we feel that a game of Simon to be passed around with a light, sound and flame effect display is a winning combination.

Your very appreciated and delightful donations can be made below. Thank you!